Tech Data

Serial Number Research

Kramer Serial Number Research Database
HTPG Serial Numbers Chart

Miscellaneous Documents

Kramer Start-up Sheet
EcoNet Troubleshooting Guide
HTPG Condensing Unit & Evaporator Option Codes
Kramer Worksheet
Effects of Ambient Temperature on Refrigeration Load Sizing Tech Note

Unit Coolers – Walk In

ECM Test Service Tips
Icing in Walk-In Freezers
Sporlan Balanced Ported TEV Chart
Sporlan TEV Selection Chart
Defrost Heater Replacement

Condensing Units

Next-Gen Condensing Units Capacities
Next-Gen K-Series 1/2 – 6 HP Condensing Units Wind Load
Next-Gen II 3 – 22 HP Condensing Units Wind Load
QV-Series 1×2 Condensing Units Wind Load and Tie-down Drawing
QV-Series 1×3 Condensing Units Wind Load and Tie-down Drawing
Condensing Units Refrigerant Charge R22
Condensing Units Refrigerant Charge R404A Low Temp
Condensing Units Refrigerant Charge R404A Med. & High Temp
Thermobank System Application Parameters
Thermobank Control Settings R22
Thermobank Control Settings R404A
Thermobank Sequence of Operation
Troubleshooting Thermobank Iii Hot Gas Defrost System
Recommended Start-up Procedure For Kramer Thermobank Hot Gas Defrost Systems
High Sierra System Application Parameters


Crushed Tubes
Refrigerant Charge – DSA
Refrigerant Charge – CM/CCM/DCM
Refrigerant Charge – CSA/CSE/CSG
Refrigerant Charge – HSA/HSE
Refrigerant Charge – LP
Refrigerant Charge – LPE/LPG
Refrigerant Charge – LV/LVE/LVG
Refrigerant Charge – MSA/MSE/MSG
Refrigerant Charge – TV/CTV/KED/CED
Defrost Heater Replacement


Liquid Line Charge
Troubleshooting Nuisance Oil Trips
Refrigerant Charging Guidelines

Thermobank I / 3 Pipe Hot Gas Defrost ( C Models)

Charging Winterstated Systems
O&I Manual
Theory of Operation
Thermobank Filling Inst
Troubleshooting Defrost
Typical Piping C6-12
Typical Piping C21L52
Typical Piping C31L52
Typical Wiring C5-6
Typical Wiring C12
Union Check Valve

Thermobank II / 2 Pipe Hot Gas Defrost (CTT Models)

Holdback Valve
Bank Construction Detail
Dual Sight Glass
O&I Manual
Oil Safety Troubleshooting
Sequence of Operation
Thermobank Filling Inst
Troubleshooting High Head Press
Typical Piping 5-15 HP
Typical Piping 21 HP & Up
Typical Wiring Diagram 4-10 F&L
Typical Wiring Diagram 31 & 27L52
Union Check Valves


Quantum Air Condensers Wind Load


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