Tech Data

Serial Number Research

Kramer Serial Number Research Database
HTPG Serial Numbers Chart

Miscellaneous Documents

Kramer Start-up Sheet
HTPG Condensing Unit & Evaporator Option Codes
Kramer Worksheet
Effects of Ambient Temperature on Refrigeration Load Sizing Tech Note

Unit Coolers – Walk In

ECM Test Service Tips
Icing in Walk-In Freezers
Sporlan Balanced Ported TEV Chart
Sporlan TEV Selection Chart
Defrost Heater Replacement

Condensing Units

Condensing Units Refrigerant Charge R22
Condensing Units Refrigerant Charge R404A Low Temp
Condensing Units Refrigerant Charge R404A Med. & High Temp
Next-Gen Condensing Units Capacities Thermobank Control Settings R22
Thermobank Control Settings R404A
Thermobank Sequence of Operation
Troubleshooting Thermobank Iii Hot Gas Defrost System
Recommended Start-up Procedure For Kramer Thermobank Hot Gas Defrost Systems
High Sierra System Application Parameters


Crushed Tubes
Refrigerant Charge – DSA
Refrigerant Charge – CM/CCM/DCM
Refrigerant Charge – CSA/CSE/CSG
Refrigerant Charge – HSA/HSE
Refrigerant Charge – LP
Refrigerant Charge – LPE/LPG
Refrigerant Charge – LV/LVE/LVG
Refrigerant Charge – MSA/MSE/MSG
Refrigerant Charge – TV/CTV/KED/CED
Defrost Heater Replacement


Liquid Line Charge
Troubleshooting Nuisance Oil Trips
Refrigerant Charging Guidelines

Thermobank I / 3 Pipe Hot Gas Defrost ( C Models)

Charging Winterstated Systems
O&I Manual
Theory of Operation
Thermobank Filling Inst
Troubleshooting Defrost
Typical Piping C6-12
Typical Piping C21L52
Typical Piping C31L52
Typical Wiring C5-6
Typical Wiring C12
Union Check Valve

Thermobank II / 2 Pipe Hot Gas Defrost (CTT Models)

Holdback Valve
Bank Construction Detail
Dual Sight Glass
O&I Manual
Oil Safety Troubleshooting
Sequence of Operation
Thermobank Filling Inst
Troubleshooting High Head Press
Typical Piping 5-15 HP
Typical Piping 21 HP & Up
Typical Wiring Diagram 4-10 F&L
Typical Wiring Diagram 31 & 27L52
Union Check Valves

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