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Air, Electric & Hot Gas Evaporators Combined

KM-KLX Next-Gen All-Temp

Air Defrost Evaporators

KM-WFA Low Velocity - WFA
KM-MSAMedium Silhouette - MSA
KM-CSA Medium Silhouette - CSA
KM-DSA Medium Silhouette - DSA
KM-CMX Coolmaster - CM
KM-CCM Coolmaster - CCM
KM-DCM Coolmaster - DCM

Electric Defrost Evaporators

KM-WFE Low Velocity - WFE
KM-MSE Medium Silhouette - MSE
KM-CSE Medium Silhouette - CSE
KM-KDE High Profile - KED
KM-CED High Profile - CED
KM-HSE Height Saver - HSE

Hot Gas Defrost Evaporators

KM-LPG Legacy Low Profile - LPG
KM-MSG Medium Silhouette - MSG
KM-CSG Medium Silhouette - CSG
KM-TVX High Profile - TVG
KM-CTV High Profile - CTV
KM-WFG Low Velocity - WFG

Condensing Units

KM-KFH Next-Gen 1/2 - 6 HP
KM-NG2 Next-Gen II 3 to 22 HP
KM-CTT Thermobank 4 - 70 HP
KM-KSX Kramer Saver 4 - 70 HP
KM-QVX QV-Series 15 to 100 HP

Air Cooled Condensers & Fluid Coolers

KM-KDS Quantum Air™ Remote A/C Condenser - KDS/KDD Large
KM-KDX Small A/C Condenser
KM-FSD Fluid Coolers FS/FD

Packaged Refrigeration Systems

KM-XNT APEX Top Mount Systems


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